Protect your vans

Vans act like magnets to criminals who are intent on stealing valuable tools and equipment from them.  Often an easy target, unattended vans are easy pickings for the opportunist thief looking to make a quick buck by selling their contents on the black market. Fitting high security deadlocks and/or slam locks to the cab and loading doors significantly increases the vehicles security and protects the vehicles contents.


Deadlocks are key operated high security locks manufactured from high strength materials, all doors can be operated from a single key for maximum convenience.

Deadlocks provide a secondary locking system, so even when the manufacturers locks are breached the doors remain locked.  Furthermore, these additional deadlocks can not be operated from the inside so cab doors stay locked even if the glass is broken.

In all deadlocks are a cost effective way of achieving high physical security on either cab or loading doors, offering maximum protection and peace of mind.


As the name implies a slamlock automatically locks and secures as the door is slammed closed, to open and gain entry requires the use of a security key.  Due to the automatic operation of a slam lock they are only recommended for load area doors and are ideally suited for multi-drop situations.

Slam locks upgrade and convert original manufacturers equipment by replacing vulnerable lock barrels and where appropriate the internal locking mechanisms with high security custom made products designed to resist attack and tampering.

Never forget to lock your doors again, slam it closed…………slam it locked!