The Webasto Hollandia 300 is available in three sizes, offering the widest range of electric spoiler sunroofs to fit to your car.  Because of it’s innovative design, the brand new Webasto Hollandia 300 provides an extremely large opening for even the smallest cars.  The stylishly integrated and illuminated control panel let you operate the roof at a touch of a button, making it quick, easy and safe to use – even at night.  All Webasto Hollandia 300 sunroofs include safety features such as auto-close and an automatic retract function, that keeps the sunroof from closing on obstacles.  Last but not least, the Webasto Hollandia 300 comes with protective Venus glass that practically shields you from all the sun’s warmth and UV rays.

Experience the bright, open-air feeling with the largest glass sunroof available for your car, externally three panels in succession give the Webasto Hollandia 500 that panoramic look.  The Webasto Hollandia 500 comprises of two Webasto Hollandia 300 electric spoiler roofs with a bridging panel in between.  Operating this twin roof setup is just as simple as operating a single Webasto Hollandia 300, the front illuminated switch panel enables you to take over the complete operation of the rear panel and even to block it’s operation.  Webasto Hollandia’s 500 comes with two rolling sunshades that can be opened or closed to any desired position, and has protective Venus glass to shield you from the suns warmth and UV radiation.  Each Webasto Hollandia 500 includes safety features such as auto-close and an automatic retraction function that keeps the sunroof from closing on obstacles.