Hands Free Phone Kits

Since 1 December 2003 it is an offence to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving a motor vehicle. Offenders will be subject to a £30 fine, which can be increased to a maximum fine of £1000 if the matter goes to court. The Government is planning to legislate to make it an endorsable offence, so that drivers will get three points on their license each time they are caught holding a phone.

The sure definition of a hands-free kit is one that is permanently wired into the vehicle (including a cradle or bluetooth type arrangement) and uses one or more speakers permanently fixed in the vehicle. The driver should not have to significantly alter their position in relation to the steering wheel in order to use it. A professional hands-free car kit supplied and installed by will ensure you are covered under the new and current laws.

A full and comprehensive range of hands free solutions are available from a simple dash mounted switch setup, to a full colour LCD screen displaying phonebook data and caller ID.